Lease Return in Rockville MD

Return Your Lease
at Genesis of Rockville

When you return your lease, the choices are all interesting and they're all yours

The lease return process at Fitzgerald Genesis of Rockville is relatively simple. When you bring your Genesis luxury car back to us at the end of your lease, after you pay for any excess miles or damage, you have a lot of options. The most common next step is to start a new lease and drive back to Baltimore, MD or Arlington VA with another brand-new Genesis. It's a great way to get the newest Genesis luxury and predictable maintenance costs.

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Consider buying the Genesis luxury model you've been leasing

There are many advantages here. For one, you know the vehicle history perfectly because you've been the primary driver. Buying a Genesis you know well is always a good idea and there's no vehicle on earth you know as well as the Genesis you've been driving. You love the luxury, the performance and features. You also know the vehicle history is great because you've been maintaining that Genesis from your home in Alexandria VA.

Another option: Buy a brand-new Genesis instead of leasing one

Buying a new Genesis luxury car has many things going for it. You can drive it as many miles every year as you want because you would no longer have annual mileage limits. You would be building equity in your car, and that's money you can use someday to help buy your next vehicle. Making monthly car loan payments on time is a great way to build your credit score.

There are other lease-end options as well, so before your lease ends, drive here from your home in Washington DC and talk to us at Fitzgerald Genesis of Rockville in Rockville, MD. As your lease is ending, your new possibilities are just beginning.