To Lease or to Buy a New Luxury Sedan? We Have an Answer at Genesis of Rockville

When it comes to the subject of your driving future, shoppers like you consider financing or leasing as viable options for payment. No matter what your budget resembles, very few drivers choose to pay for their next luxury car with cold, hard cash. Here at Genesis of Rockville, our dealership staff can accommodate your needs as best as we can with either option, so let us go over with you a couple of pros and cons of financing and leasing a new Genesis luxury car. Drivers will find our dealership in North Bethesda, MD, and less than 35 minutes outside of Arlington, VA.

Financing and Leasing: An Overview

Overall, drivers in Maryland or Virginia might choose to lease a new luxury car as it enables you to drive the vehicle you want, with the features you want, for a short period. However, if you have your heart set on one particular new Genesis or used car, you may wish to consider an auto loan as financing a new luxury car leads to total ownership.

Leasing- Pros and Cons

  • Pro- Your monthly payments in a lease contract remain lower as you only pay off a certain percentage of the luxury car's overall worth.
  • Pro- The Genesis luxury car near Washington DC remains under warranty throughout your lease contract.
  • Con- Most lease contracts come with restrictions on overall mileage, so we do not recommend leasing for those with longer commutes or need a car for business trips outside of Alexandria, VA.

Financing- Pros and Cons

  • Pro- An auto loan enables you to pay off the total cost of the car, so by the end of the loan contract, the vehicle becomes yours to trade or sell as you like.
  • Pro- As long as you make payments on time, you will build equity with this loan, which can improve your credit overall.
  • Con- While new Genesis models retain value over a short time, you will still find the vehicle depreciating after the first couple years of ownership; This might not provide you as big a return when you decide to sell the vehicle.

Talk to Our Financing Team Today!

We invite drivers throughout the area to schedule a test drive and talk to our finance center at Genesis of Rockville to learn more about financing and leasing. You will find our dealership located at 11411 Rockville Pike in North Bethesda, MD, and less than an hour outside of Baltimore. See you soon!